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Bullitt creates antimicrobial mobile phone
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No bugs on the CAT S42

The UK-based Bullitt Group, makers of military-grade smartphones and the global licensee for CAT phones, has launched the first fully antimicrobial mobile phone - the CAT S42.

Google gives up on Project Loon
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Ballooning costs

Google has given up on its decade long project which was supposed to bring the internet to inaccessible areas using balloons.

Intel NUC 11 Phantom Canyon gets a teardown
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Panther Canyon and Tiger Canyon NUCs get attention as well

Intel has recently announced its full NUC 11 lineup, and now, we get to check out a full teardown of the flagship Intel NUC 11 Enthusiast Phantom Canyon. We also got the first look at the NUC 11 Performance Panther Canyon, including a first early review, as well as a detailed look at the NUC 11 Pro Tiger Canyon.

Pai goes out warning of “yellow peril”
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Kicking and screaming back to the 19th century

The man who handed the internet to the US telcos has exited the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) muttering about the dangers of yellow peril.

Jack Ma appears to be alive
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At least for 50 seconds

Billionaire Jack Ma’s 50-second video reappearance has done little to resolve Alibaba’s troubled relationship with regulators that is making some investors hesitate about owning the Chinese e-commerce giant’s shares.