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Republicans want US without Honor
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Marco Rubio claims honor is a threat to US security

Republican US senators led by Marco Rubio called on the Biden administration to blacklist Honor, a former unit of embattled Chinese telecoms giant Huawei, claiming, without any evidence that the firm was a threat to national security.

Commodore 65 finally might be released
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30 years late

The follow on from the fabled Commodore 64, the fabled Commodore 65, might finally be released, 30 years after it was cancelled.

Microsoft suffers LinkedIn mental breakdown in China
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Regulators got us in the pooh 

PutativeSoftware King of the World,  Microsoft, has decided to shut down LinkedIn in the country as the regulators are getting on its tits.

Palm coming back from the dead
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Seems the old brands are the best

Palm recently posted some teasers on Twitter foreshadowing a new gadget coming out later this month.

US governor thinks reporters who discover website flaws are hackers
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One of the reasons that the media is in such a shocking state

A US governor was so terrified that a reporter was doing his job and investigating a shonky government website that he attempted to name and shame the hack and his paper.