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Social media made lockdowns lonelier for older people
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At least according to the shrinks

Social media contact during the pandemic made many over-60s feel lonelier and more depressed than no contact at all, new research has found.

Apple wants to stop anti-vaxers mating
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21st century eugenics

Fruity cargo cult Apple has taken the unusual step of trying to stop anti-vaxers mating.

AMD readies another APU
Published in Graphics

Driver code spotted

AMD appears to be readying another APU if a driver code spotted in the Linux 5.15 release, is anything to go by.

Intel finally kills Itanium
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End of an error

After 20 years of being a loud resounding yawn in the computer world, Intel has finally put its Itanium product to sleep.

Intel boosts Thunderbolt maximum transfer rate
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Up to 80Gbps

Chipzilla is finally getting around to boosting the transfer rate of its Thunderbolt tech,