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EU investigates Broadcom over VMware licencing
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Watchdog barks

US chipmaker Broadcom is facing scrutiny from EU antitrust regulators over changes to the licensing conditions of its newly acquired cloud computing firm VMware, following grievances from several EU business users and trade associations.

Nvidia wasted $9 billion on Blackwell
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Keller claims he could have done it for a billion

Tenstorrent's CEO, Jim Keller, claims that Nvidia wasted  $9 billion developing the Blackwell GPU  

AMD's Zen 5 chips set to sizzle
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MSI drops firmware news

The dark satanic rumour mill is in overdrive about AMD's new Zen 5 desktop processors claiming that they are so close you can hear the silicon sizzle.

Intel’s Foundry plans are not impressing Wall Street
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Taking too long  

Even though tech stocks are doing well thanks to accelerated computing infrastructure, artificial intelligence (AI) systems built atop that infrastructure and elevated interest among governments worldwide in "re-shoring" chip manufacturing onto their soil, Intel is doing poorly.

Apple is no longer the world’s biggest mobile phone seller
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Sales plummet

Apple, the fruity cargo cult, has been dethroned as the world's largest mobile phone seller following a sharp drop in sales. This allows South Korean rival Samsung to reclaim the global market share lead.