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Chinese create first 6G network
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Works on existing infrastructure

Boffins from the Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications have set up a field test network to achieve 6G transmission on existing 4G infrastructure.

Apple falls foul of the Indians
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An investigation by India's antitrust body has found that Apple exploited its dominant position in the market for app stores on its iOS operating system, engaging in "abusive conduct and practices."

RISC-V could go the way of Arm and x86
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Torvalds’ prophecy

The softly spoken Linux prophet, Linus Torvalds has been consulting his bones and concluded that RISC-V might fall into the same development chasm between hardware and software developers seen by Arm and x86.

Apple is not getting people to switch from Android
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Sales increases are from Apple fanboys

The Tame Apple Press has been spreading a story claiming that increased sales in Apple’s iPhones are coming from people abandoning their Android phones. This is untrue.

German Navy looks for something more efficient than floppy disks
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Otherwise, they will never get out of port

The German Navy is on the hunt for a new storage system to replace their ancient 8-inch (20cm) floppy disks, which are crucial for running their Brandenburg class F123 frigates.