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Self-driving cars delayed
Published in Transportation

2021 is not viable

Car makers have pushed back the time table for full, Level 5 self-driving cars.

Xbox boss wants to tackle toxic gamers
Published in Gaming

If it works, they can try Game of Thrones fans

Microsoft’s Xbox chief Phil Spencer wants to tackle toxic gamers whose abuse and harassment, and exclusionary attitudes have been keeping gaming spreading beyond its most hardcore, traditional demographic.

Benchmarks show how much Spectre and Meltdown mitigation slow Intel chips
Published in PC Hardware

I expect you to die, Mr Intel,

Phoronix has been testing chips to see how bad Spectre and Meltdown patches harmed the performance of CPUs and the news is horrible for Intel.

Microsoft looks to AI to replace developers
Published in AI


Intelligent suggestions that improve code quality and productivity

Software king of the world Microsoft is looking at AI to improve code quality and productivity.

US government discovers how Huawei dependant it is
Published in Network

You mean our networks are going to grind to a halt? We didn’t think of that.

The red-faced underlings under Donald (Prince of Orange) Trump have just discovered that they can’t ban Huawei with the sudden drama that their boss wants.