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China says it's a victim of cyberatacks too

by on24 September 2007


But doesn't point the finger


A Chinese defense expert claims that the country is facing more cyber threats and attacks than any Western nation, but he stopped short of naming the alleged culprits.

“Hacker attacks on China’s computer system have surged in recent years and China is facing a more severe situation of information security than any western country, ” Wang told Xinhua. “But the Chinese government never blames it on any other country and insists on calling for international cooperation to crack down on Internet-wrecking crime.”

He went on to accuse Western media of prejudice and doubts, claiming that the reports of Chinese cyber attacks on American, German and British government sites were untrue and baseless. "
Even though only one or two Web site attacks are from China among the thousands of hackers’ Web sites, some officials and media arbitrarily blame these attacks on China," said Wang.

Truth be told, the media really did make a mess of things while reporting recent cyber incidents allegedly involving China, and what really happened is anyone's guess.

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Last modified on 24 September 2007
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