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XBL Gold family plan coming

by on23 June 2010

Microsoft understands the need
We have to wonder why until Microsoft thought about the release of Kinect they didn’t think of this sooner. Microsoft will start offering a family plan of Gold one-year subscriptions in November.

The plan, which we will simply refer to as the “Gold Family Plan,” will offer four Gold family memberships for the price of two. This means that for $99 your family of four can all enjoy the benefits of Xbox Live. The Gold Family Plan will offer some additional benefits, too.

These additional benefits will allow for some things that parents have been asking for, including the ability to manage and distribute Microsoft Points as well as the ability to monitor the activity of their children. Access to the management interface will be via the Website and this is where the activity reporting will be accessible. The Gold Family Pack will also add a new Family Center dashboard where management and account settings can be modified.

The news is good if you are a parent who wants to manage access to the Xbox in a much more streamlined fashion and have the need for four accounts. It actually is something that we suspect will become very popular once parents find out about it.
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