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Netflix to get more streaming titles

by on12 August 2010

Epix deal to yield big boost in available titles
Recently, Netflix did a deal with premium cable channel Epix that is said to be valued at over $900 million USD. If you do a lot of video streaming from the Netflix service, you should care because as a by-product of this deal you are going to be getting a big boost in the number of movies and how quickly they are going to be available via Netflix streaming.

While many have never heard of Epix, the premium station is a combined effort of Paramount, Lionsgate and MGM. What the Epix deal will give Netflix is the ability to start offering Paramount, Lionsgate and MGM titles for streaming on their service 90 days after they premiere on Epix. They deal means that big name titles, such as the latest Star Trek movie and Iron Man 2, are not far off from being available for streaming via Netflix.

The fruits of this deal will begin on September 1st as the first titles will start to be added to Netflix streaming for subscribers to enjoy. A quick look at the Epix current offerings does seem to contain a lot of content for Netflix to offer to streaming users.
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