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Commodore resurrects 64 with Atom and ION

by on27 August 2010

Don’t you (forget about me)
Here’s some news that should warm the hearts of the Breakfast Club generation, or the Perestroika/Glasnost generation in Eastern Europe.

Commodore has announced the PC64, an exact replica of the legendary 64, packed into a quaint plastic chassis which still looks lest plasticky than most 80’s stars. Well, the ones who are still alive that is.

Of course, its insides were brought up to date. The 8-bit MOS CPU made way for a dual-core Atom D525 at 1.8GHz and 4GB of DDR3 memory. It also packs 1TB of storage and that’s a lot of tapes by 64 standards. In keeping with the times, Commodore will also offer HDMI output and an optical drive. No word on pricing, but good old fatty should be back by the end of the year


It all makes us sort of sad. Back in the day you could watch MTV four hours without hearing a bad song. Now you can watch it for days without hearing a good one. Games were utterly simple, yet ingenious and fun, because programmers were stuck with ridiculous limitations and had to use their ingenuity and creativity rather than just mindlessly adding more pointless content and complexity.

The only thing missing is an adequate retro mouse that will look the part. And Don Jonson hairdos.

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