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Police nab puppy killer

by on03 September 2010

Sociopath in the making
Police have apparently managed to locate and identify a young woman featured in a graphic and disturbing video posted on YouTube and carried by numerous news outlets.

The video shows the girl throwing several puppies into a raging river and needless to say it has caused worldwide outrage and prompted animal rights groups and individuals to offer sizable awards for her identification. Popcorn flick director Michael Bay has even offered a $50,000 bounty on information leading to her arrest and numerous groups of online vigilantes have trying to establish her identity were formed over the past two days.

On Friday police in the sleepy Bosnian town of Bugojno announced they have identified the puppy killer and her parents, but we cannot reveal her name due to legal issues. According to some unconfirmed reports, she is just 12 years old, which means that she cannot face criminal charges and she cannot be officially named as the culprit, as all criminal investigations involving juveniles are confidential. However, under Bosnian law her parents, identified only by their initials M.P. and M.P. could be faced with a fine of up to €6000. Under the current penal code, some forms of animal abuse are punishable by short prison terms, but as the girl is apparently under 14, this does not appear to be an option.

Animal rights activist Velimir Ivanisevic told a local newspaper that the parents should be held accountable for the girl’s actions. He added that the girl obviously needed help and that the incident was merely proof that today’s society is “sick”.

As for Michael Bay’s bounty, we guess the police could use it, as the local police station was blown up by a religious nut two months ago.

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