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Sony closes Jailbreak hole

by on08 September 2010

New 3.42 firmware adds more security
Sony has closed the security breach that was opened with the PSJailBreak exploit: it used a USB memory stick to fool the PlayStation 3 into thinking that it was a debug system, which then allowed the running of unsigned code.

The new firmware version 3.42 is confirmed to add what Sony is calling “additional security features,” which in turn closes the hole opened by the PSJailBreak exploit. Users are desperately attempting to prevent their system from updating using a variety of methods, but the most common is the use of a proxy server to keep their firmware at version 3.41, which works with the PSJailBreak exploit.

The PSJailBreak is the first real big advancement in the cat and mouse game between Sony and the hacking community. The PlayStation 3 has a very good level of security and has been difficult to crack, according to an expert that we spoke with.

Even with these new advancements in the additional security that is said to be present in the 3.42 firmware, apparently the hacking community is still attempting to figure out a way to get the PSJailBreak hack up and running again. Those in the PS3 underground claim that it will take time to analyze what Sony has done with the 3.42 firmware before if we know if a new version is possible.
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