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iPad 2 news expected in February

by on21 January 2011

Announcement details expected soon
The latest from the Apple grove seems to indicate that an announcement for the second generation iPad is coming soon. This seems to confirm reports from sources who tell us that Apple is keen to get the next generation iPad out before more competitors enter the market space.

While some are suggesting that Apple could be planning an announcement on February 9th, our sources say they have been unable to confirm this. Still, it is suspected that the iPad 2 will arrive in February, but no one seems to know what the exact date will be.

The new iPad 2 is said to offer a significant upgrade over the previous generation by adding many new features that will expand the usefulness of the platform. Sales of the first iPad were much better than even Apple expected, and with many waiting for Apple to arrive with a second generation design before buying one, it is likely that many buyers will be in a frenzy to obtain one once officially announced.

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