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Motorola XOOM (Wi-Fi) available for preorder

by on18 March 2011

Ridiculous $599 price
Motorola's management still thinks that their Honeycomb tablet is as cool as Apple's iPad 2.

While Xoom and other Android 3.0 tablets do look nice, they are not as cool at iPad 2 prices. They should cost less, that's the whole point. An iPad 2 will set you back $499 for 16GB version and $599 for Wifi-only 32GB version. Xoom Wifi with 32GB is available for preorder at the same $599 price.

We do believe that in order to sell a lot of them, Motorola has to shave off some of margin and a price like $499 sounds much more realistic. Not that many people have waited in lines to pick Verison 3G version of Xoom for a saucy $799, at least way less than people who wanted to get an iPad 2.

We hope to see some reason for such pricing. Let me remind you, you can get two netbooks or entry-level notebooks for the same $599 price. If you still want to, you can preoder Xoom Wifi at Amazon here. (If you are into overpriced gadgets, you probably have an iPad already. sub.ed.)
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