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Intel wants MeeGo in cars and TVs

by on20 June 2011

IP media phones too
Many think that MeeGo is doomed to die ignored by most of the market players, but Intel is not ready to give it up just yet.

Nokia doesn't wants it as Ballmer showed them enough cash to go Windows, but Intel is making MeeGo versions for smart TVs, vehicle entertainment systems as well as IP media phones.

The manufacturers were scheduled to get MeeGo V1.2 for all of the above market in Q2 2011, so more of less in the current quarter and in Q4 2011 Intel plans to update MeeGo for smart TV, in vehicle entertainment and home phones for video and audio chatting to V1.3.

The roadmap continues at least until Q2 2012 when you can expect MeeGo v1.4 and Intel promises to continue even beyond Q2 2012. We will see what happens with MeeGo as Android is taking a lot of the non Apple iOS infected market, and let's not forget that Microsoft has strong presence with Windows and a strong roadmap for Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

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