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Bergman takes over as Synaptics CEO

by on30 September 2011

Ex-ATI, AMD exec takes up new job
Former AMD exec Rick Bergman is the new president of Synaptics, one of the world’s leading developer of human interface solutions.

During his tenure at AMD, Bergman served as senior VP and general manager of AMD’s Graphics Products Group. He became a part of the AMD team after the chipmaker acquired ATI in 2006, where he served as a senior VP and general manager of the PC group.

Bergman’s departure from AMD has been anything but uncontroversial. His decision to leave the company was apparently prompted by the appointment of new AMD CEO Rory Read, basically Bergman appears to have been passed over for the position. Many market observers and people in the know saw Bergman’s departure as a source of concern, as he is merely the last in a long line of AMD execs to leave the company.
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