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Mick Jagger addicted to Facebook

by on30 September 2011

Keith Richards addicted to everything else
Rolling Stone Mick Jagger is apparently a Facebook addict. While most rock legends struggle with other forms of addiction, or enjoy them, Jagger seems to be sticking to cyber smack.

Like most people born at a time when Messerschmitts and B-17’s roamed European skies, Jagger wasn’t too keen to embrace social networking and similar fads.

However, in a chat with the Daily Express, Mick came clean and confessed his newfound addiction.

“I spend way too much time on the computer and not enough time playing the guitar,” he said. “There’s an underlying problem of this screen life taking over all of your life.”

If only we could get some current generation musicians hooked on Facebook, just to keep them from playing. Ever.

In related news, Keith Richards __________ (insert random drug related story here).
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