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Don’t “unfriend” your “friends”

by on04 November 2011


Or get your fire extinguisher ready

30-year-old Iowa woman Jennifer Christine Harris recently attempted to set her friend’s house on fire, after he unfriended her on the social networking site Facebook.

Harris tried to set the house of Jim and Nikki Rasmussen on fire. She started the fire early on October 27, after which the garage roof collapsed.

Harris, a teacher’s associate at a local elementary school, was maid of honor at Rasmussens’ wedding. She is now held at Polk Couty Jail on $100,000 bond for first-degree arson.

Nikki Rasmussen said that their “friendship” broke when they tried to plan a party for Jim. Harris disparaged her to which she reacted by unfriending and blocking her so she couldn’t see what she was saying, Nikki said.

We think that this should serve as an example of why female planning is dangerous, it somehow always aims to leave the guy without a house.

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