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#StopHateforProfit disappointed in Facebook's boycott response
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Are they surprised?

The organisers of the #StopHateforProfit campaign which is doing some serious damage to Facebook’s budget say they are disappointed after a meeting with the social notworking site’s top brass.

Zuckerberg shrugs off advertising boycott
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They will be back

As the ads boycott grows over Mark Zuckerberg's refusal to stop hate posts from polticians the man shows no sign of backing down

Nick Clegg defends Facebook as advertisers boycott social network
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Defending Facebook can’t be harder than defending austerity

The former UK Liberal Democrat leader Sir Nick Clegg (right), who has now become a PR person for Facebook, is putting his best foot forward to defend Facebook now that it is suffering from an advertising boycott.

Washington Post investigates Trump's control over Facebook
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Zuckerburg's fear of Trump has lowered political standards.

Facebook has been bending over to allow Trump to say what he likes has enabled other politicians to swamp voters with fake news and scare stories, according to a Washington Post investigation.

Germans say Facebook abused position to illegally harvest user data
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Bad day for Zuckerberg

Germany's top court ruled on Tuesday that Facebook had abused its dominance in social media to illegally harvest data about its users.

Facebook employees want to follow Twitter
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Fact check Trump

Facebook staff have called their boss a wimp and walked of the job after he refused to follow Twitter and fact check Donald [call in the troops] Trump.

Dorsey refuses to back down
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Friday, 29 May 2020 10:52

Dorsey refuses to back down

Will continue to fact check Trump

Twitter will continue to fact check Donald Trump despite the President's censorship threats. 

Facebook moves to remote work from home
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Most employees can request a permanent change in jobs

In a move that illustrates how swiftly the COVID-19 pandemic is reshaping the global economy, Facebook said today that it would begin allowing most of its employees to request a permanent change in their jobs to let them work remotely.

Facebook removes pseudoscience and conspiracy theory as an advertising option
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You can't target the very stupid any more

Facebook has removed “pseudoscience” as an option for advertisers that want to target audiences, a category available until this week even as the world’s largest social media network vowed to curb misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Australia comes the raw prawn with Facebook
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Cambridge Analytica data breach could cost Facebook billions

Australia’s privacy watchdog is suing Facebook over the Cambridge Analytica data breach — which, back in 2018, became a global scandal that wiped billions off the tech giant’s share price, yet only led to Facebook being slapped around the chips with a wet bus ticket by US and UK watchdogs.