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Roku to offer more than boxes

by on09 January 2012

Upcoming HDMI Roku on a stick is next

Roku is looking to move away from offering only add-on Roku streaming players in a compact box. The next evolution for Roku will feature a Roku box on a small USB flash drive-like device that plugs into a standard HDMI port.

The new product, which is said to be called the Roku Streaming Stick, will plug into your HDMI port and contains everything necessary for streaming. It is like a Roku box on a stick that plugs directly into your HDMI port; no additional hardware is necessary. The price is yet to be determined, but it is expected to be about the same or less than Roku boxes cost today.

In addition, Roku is working with TV manufacturers who might want to consider the Roku software as part of their current TV designs. By having the Roku technology built directly into the TV it gets rid of the add-on box (which is apparently one of the biggest complaints that customers have). With Roku-added new channels and features all of the time, it is clear that the Roku does offer a significant advantage over what TV manufacturers currently have to work on to design, build, and test software.

Look to hear more from Roku during CES that will include more specifics on their plans for the Roku Streaming Stick.

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