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Mozilla announces Firefox for Windows 8 Metro

by on13 March 2012


Development has already begun

Mozilla's engineer Brian R. Bondy has spilled the beans on the Metro version of the company's popular browser and revealed that the dev team is already working on it. We'd call this pretty good news as it means that Microsoft's Internet Explorer will not be the sole choice for touch systems.

Bondy noted that Win 8 enables three different application types - desktop, native Metro and what he referred to as Metro style enabled desktop browsers. Firefox for Metro will be in the third category and you will be able to run it in desktop mode, running it outside of the Metro sandbox.

Microsoft doesn't allow using browsers in Metro mode unless they're set as default. We don't care though because as long-time users of Microsoft's operating systems, as well as those garbled, infuriating patchworks in between, we have learned to expect some of Microsoft's strange sense of humor with every new product.

Bondy pointed out that Firefox for Metro is a large scale project that will require a lot of fresh code, and the company already started working on it last Monday. Still, even though there's no word on when can we expect it, we'd guess that the company won't be very late for launch of Windows 8. Seeing as how this segment promises to be quite important, it would indeed be unwise to be too late, to say the least.

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