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Next Kinect to identify posture & voice tone

by on09 April 2012

Targeted additions for next generation of Kinect

Microsoft is certain they have not achieved all of what Kinect is capable of doing. As we know, small tweaks and improvements have been made since release and they have been welcomed, as Kinect continues to get better and better.

The Kinect team at Microsoft has apparently targeted two improvements they want to see in the next version of Kinect, which are Kinect’s ability to identify posture and to detect and interrupt voice tone.

Based on what we have seen so far with the use of Kinect in Mass Effect 3, it is obvious that the possibility does exist for continued innovation, as developers have barely scratched the surface of what they might be able to do with Kinect. As with any new peripheral, it takes time to understand how the developers are using the device and what abilities the device should have so that developers are able to get the most out of it.

As the second major wave of Kinect titles hit this year, we will continue to see additional innovation in the way developers are using Kinect, according to our sources. Expect to see some new innovation and some different things from what we have seen in previous titles.

It is nice to know that Microsoft is already looking to expand the abilities of Kinect in the future; but sources tell us that despite rumors of a second generation of Kinect for the Xbox 360, it now seems that we will not see next generation Kinect hardware until the next generation of Xbox is released. Of course, this is hardly a surprise, given the expected release time table for the Xbox 720/Xbox Next.

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