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Chrome 19 syncs tabs with Android 4 phone now

by on16 May 2012

Pick up work on the go

Supporting Netscape almost from day one, we were very fond of Firefox and Mozilla projects and in general, but we have to admit that Google got many things right with Chrome. The browser is fast, stable, reliable and gets regular updates.

The last update got Chrome desktop to version 19 while the mobile version remained called Chrome beta and unfortunately it’s exclusive to Android 4.0 users. If you happen to be one of the few percent of Android users with ICS on your device, or a custom ROM, you will be able to open tabs from your desktop or laptop on your phone.

This doesn’t look to be a two-way street as our desktop can see a notebook and a tablet with Chrome installed on it, but not the mobile phone, at least not for now. The desktop version doesn’t see your mobile phone in the device list. It might be a bug that needs to be addressed for all we know.

This will give you a chance to be dragged into the world of 3G, 4G, LTE mobile browsing even more, depending on the coverage on your commute route and we can only hope that you are responsible and don’t surf and drive.

We have to add that Chrome 19 on all platforms opens Fudzilla just fine.

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