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Myspace thinks Bosnia is in Latin America

by on17 April 2008


Hecho en Bosnia y Herzegovina

those who didn't know already, most of our team is Bosnian, although some are rapidly becoming assimilated into Austrian society. Resistance is futile, not that anybody is trying to resist in the first place.

We're a small country, situated in the Balkans, Croatia to the west, Serbia and Montenegro to the east. Further north you'll run into endless Hungarian fields and if you swim across the Adriatic, you'll end up on the Italian boot. The capital is Sarajevo, the landmass is 51129 km2 , the currency is 1 convertible mark, tied to the euro via a currency board. Our only major export is moaning about how bad things are, though we're having trouble finding buyers lately. Population: around 4 million inhabitants and declining rapidly.

These are some facts obviously missed by the Myspace outfit. For some reason they believe that our country is Latin America. I tried to access for the first time in my life this morning only to find out that I've somehow emigrated to Paraguay overnight. I consider social networking sites to be nothing more than a waste of bandwidth, but I was bound to stumble upon this anyway:

"¡Bienvenidos! MySpace Latinoamérica aún está en fase de desarrollo (BETA). ¿Tienes comentarios o sugerencias? Haz clic aquí. ¡Gracias!"

Sure, and the same to you sir.

Several colleagues tried accessing the site from different ISPs in different federal units within Bosnia and Herzegovina only to get the same result. The Myspace staff obviously need a crash course in geography. Bananas do grow in Latin America, but there's some banana republics in Europe, too.

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