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AMD execution got better with Trinity

by on12 September 2012


VP of Marketing talks to Fudzilla

We got a chance to have some quiet time with AMD's Corporate Vice President, Desktop Product Line Leslie Sobon and in an interesting conversation we asked her about Llano, Trinity and the rest of AMD’s lineup in order to understand what went wrong with some of the processors over the last few quarters.

Llano was delayed and Leslie shared that this part, the first proper APU was indeed a delayed and rather troublesome part. AMD is aware that Llano was not its finest hour. At the same time Sobon underlines that Trinity launched to OEMs back in spring 2012 and soon to launch desktop parts are also on the way.

She believes that the new AMD will have better execution and she said that AMD is well aware that getting the APU out to market took much longer than the company anticipated. It took AMD five years to do it, but the company is happy with Trinity parts for both the desktop and notebook space.

Leslie also mentioned that FM2 socket for desktop, which will be introduced with the official launch of desktop Trinity parts, will be here to stay. You can expect that AMD will stick with one socket for a longer time, as this is what AMD understand its upgrade market and loyal customers want. AMD believes that the recent changes in the company can get things going for the better, promising less delays, better execution and more marketing and market presence.

Back at CES we had a chance to talk with a few key industry figures who claimed that 2012 would be a very tough year for AMD, but it looks like things are getting better for a stronger come back in Q4 2012 and onwards.

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