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Samsung says iPad Mini and new iPod violate its patents

by on23 November 2012

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We never saw it coming

Just kidding of course, even Daredevil would've seen it coming, as Samsung and Apple continue their fight for the right to "innovate". Unfortunately, most of their innovations as of late have come on the legal front, i.e. how to spoil the other company's fun in an innovative manner.

According to Samsung's claims, Apple's iPad Mini, 4th gen iPad and 5th gen iPod Touch are in violation of Sammy's patents. The company is pretty much continuing the case against previous Apple devices, claiming that "all Apple products including a built-in speaker and an external audio output port" infringe on this patent.

In related news, Apple has received court orders to disclose details of its settlement with HTC to Samsung, so the entire legal war between the two is seriously approaching angry brat levels. The two companies are to continue their ongoing battle on 6th of December, so we'll see how that goes.

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Last modified on 23 November 2012
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