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Governments object to top level domains

by on23 November 2012

y globe

.fail, .sucks, .wtf, .islam, .baby, etc.

An international panel consisting of freeloaders of every nation, affectionately called governments, have jotted down more than 240 objections to proposed top level domains such as .wtf, .baby, and .islam.

Apparently, applicants have been given Early Warning notices, requesting further info or clarification, as well as suggesting withdrawal in some cases. Domains such as .finance, .dental, etc., have brought about warnings that applicants must have safeguards in place, to prevent potential misuse.

Domains on the lines of L'oreal's .skin and Johnson & Johnson's .baby have been flagged for anti-competitive potential. The companies have thus been asked to provide transparent criteria for access to these domains.

Domains .wtf, .fail and .sucks have been flagged for "overtly negative or critical connotation", which is too bad really because the world needs them now more than ever. The likes of .bible and .islam are being pondered due to their capability to represent larger communities they refer to and prevent abuses thereof.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has advised some applicants to withdraw applications, particularly in the cases such as .patagonia and .africa. According to current guidelines, countries and territories can only be registered with agreement of governments and authorities deemed relevant in the case.

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Last modified on 23 November 2012
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