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Audi taps Texas Instruments for infotainment systems

by on13 December 2012

Nvidia sticks around for multimedia

Audi is apparently moving away from Nvidia chips from its next-generation infotainment systems. The German carmaker reached a deal with Texas Instruments instead, so its overpriced infotainment systems will feature TI’s Jacinto 5 processors, but Nvidia chips will also be on board, powering the multimedia module of the system.

The Jacinto 5 is based on an optimized OMAP SoC design and it is capable of running HTML5 applications, 1080p video in 3D and it can cope with voice recognition as well. The new systems debuted in the new Audi A3, which is the first Volkswagen Group car built on the new MQB platform, so we there is a chance we could see similar systems trickle down to upcoming Seat, VW and Skoda models as well.

Audi did not comment on availability dates, nor did it say whether plans to drop Tegra chips altogether, as some reports claim. However, Nvidia says its chips will still be used in the Audi A3, as the system consists of two modules, a multimedia unit powered by Tegra and a radio and car control unit, powered by TI.

Mind you, we are not talking about huge numbers here, but it is a matter of prestige. Being associated with a premium brand like Audi can’t be a bad thing. Nvidia claims more than 2.5 million cars on the road today feature Tegra-based infotainment systems.

In any case, Texas Instruments might be pulling out of the consumer ARM market, but it is still finding ways of making Nvidia’s life a bit harder.

Last modified on 13 December 2012
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