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Buffalo shows off Thunderbolt SSD

by on08 March 2013

740MB/s read, 600MB/s write

Buffalo showed off their DriveStation Mini Thunderbolt SSD Edition at Cebit, and it is a rather strange beast.  

The device brings users two 2.5 "Solid State Disks in a small form factor fan cooled enclosure. The unit can be addresses as a JBOD (Just a Bunch of Disks), or using software RAID 0 & 1. In RAID 0 is the read performance tops out at a maximum 740 MB/s while the write performance hits 600 MB/s. The units two Thunderbolt connections gives users the ability to chain them together.  

The device will come with a power supply and a Thunderbolt cable in the box. This device comes in configurations starting with 256GB (128gb x 2) for €470, 512GB (256gb x 2) for 660 euros, and 1TB (512gb x 2) for €1100.

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Last modified on 09 March 2013
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