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WD and SanDisk team up to build SSHDs

by on08 May 2013

Seagate in crosshairs

Storage specialists Western Digital and SanDisk announced today that they are collaborating on a series of hybrid storage devices, or SSHD’s. The announcement came just hours after Seagate announced its first SSD series, which doesn’t sound like much of a coincidence. 

Western Digital announced its first notebook hybrid drives earlier this year, but they have yet to hit retail. The latest announcement indicates that they are finally on their way. SanDisk is the supplier of the flash bits on WD’s upcoming WD Black SSHD, the world’s thinners SSHD. The SanDisk iSSD is said to feature the best-in-class 19nm memory technology. It is based on proprietary WD hybrid technology, with a very compact form factor and plenty of power efficiency that makes it suitable for use in SSHDs.

Seagate is already shipping 7mm and 9.5mm SSHDs, but the SanDisk iSSD is apparently reserved only for the 5mm version, at least for now.

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