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Sony claims it has no plans to slash PS3 prices

by on20 June 2013

Just can’t get costs down enough to make it happen

Sony is apparently not preparing a price cut for the PlayStation 3 for the holiday season as many had speculated the company would. Sources say that Sony’s inability to bring the price down on the raw components of the console has made it next to impossible to slash the price of the console without losing money.

As for Microsoft, the company introduced a new version of the Xbox 360 console. It did not, however, offer news of any price cut. Analysts that we have spoken with believe that Microsoft may yet cut the price of the Xbox 360, but it may wait to see how pre-orders for the Xbox One are going before moving to do so.

Of course, with no pressure from Sony dropping the price on the PS3, Microsoft might be happy to leave the pricing where it is and see how things shake out during the holidays before deciding what to do next.

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