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VMware’s Gelsinger dismisses OpenStack for enterprise

by on15 August 2013

It will never catch on

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger has waded into the open source cloud project OpenStack. Gelsinger said he did not expect it to catch on significantly in the enterprise market, instead he says it’s more of a platform for service providers to build public clouds.

Talking to Network World, Gelsinger didn’t see it having great success coming into the enterprise because it’s a framework for constructing clouds. People have largely adopted and have extremely large deployments of VMware and the switching costs and so on of that are not particularly effective, he said.

OpenStack will be effective in cloud providers, service providers, an area where VMware hasn’t had a lot of business in the past. This made OpenStack an important strategic initiative for VMware that it is committed to supporting.

“VMware will work to ensure its products and services work in cloud environments based on the open source platform. And in that sense”, Gelsinger.

The software is also an opportunity for VMware to penetrate the service provider market, which is he says the company has not focused heavily on in the past, he added.

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