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Intel to sack spinners

by on26 August 2013

The lot of them

We must admit we love the new and improved Intel, steered by Brian Krzanich. It’s in the news a lot more than Otellini’s Intel and it might be about to fill even more pages.


According to TechEye’s Mike Magee, Intel is about to sack its PR team. Its entire PR team. Since Intel spinners have done a great job at keeping the company out of the news over the last few years and coming up with daft ideas like Intel handbags, the shakeup is understandable. However, firing the entire team sounds like a bit too much. On the other hand, people with “ich” in their last names don’t tend to be subtle and even their pet peeves often end up looking like the first couple of minutes of CSI Las Vegas.

TechEye’s source said the head of PR will be changed and then “it will be waterfall” as Krzanich wants "open books". The source said Intel is not the same anymore and that it learned a lesson after having its “ass kicked” by smaller chipmakers.

It might not be good news for Intel’s PR team, but on the whole it might do the company some good. Intel is trying to reinvent itself. It’s talking Atom, mobile, 2-in-1s and new markets, a far cry from its big core focus of years gone by.

For the first time in years, Intel is actually becoming interesting to cover.

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