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Zotac revamps ZBOX Nano with cheap Haswell

by on08 January 2014

No word on price though

Zotac has officially launched the ZBOX Nano ID67, which might be the cheapest Haswell nettop or barebones rig on the market. It might, but we don’t know for sure, as the official price has not been released.

Zotac already has a few ZBOX rigs based on Haswell chips, but most of them feature relatively pricey parts, so they are not exactly affordable. The ID67 should change that, as it is based on the Core i3-4010U. This dual-core Haswell part is clocked at 1700MHz and it features Intel HD Graphics 4400, which we are told are quite a bit faster than 4000 and 2500 series GPUs used in most Ivy Bridge parts.

The barebones model is interesting if you are planning to use SSD/SSHD storage or add more memory. The Plus model is a complete system, with 4GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive. With SSD prices hitting new lows every week, it might be a better idea to go for an SSD though.

Since there is no official price yet, we can only speculate - and we will.

Intel’s NUC kit with the same processor costs about €250 in Euroland, while Zotac’s recently launched ZBOX Nano AQ01 with an AMD A4-5000 APU is available for under €200. The closest thing Zotac has in terms of specs is the ZBOX ID91, with a Core i3-4130T processor and it is priced at about €290. In other words we’re probably looking at €250+. 


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