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AMD Computex 2016 event stream is live

by on01 June 2016

Updated: Polaris GPU, Bristol Ridge APU and possible Zen

The live stream for AMD's Computex 2016 event has just gone live and we are certainly looking forward to see what AMD has prepared.

While we did not have a chance to see any Polaris-based graphics card at the showfloor, earlier reports suggest that AMD has plenty to show at its Computex 2016 event, including the new Polaris 10-based RX 480 graphics cards, Bristol Ridge APUs based on Excavator CPU cores and possibly even a running system based on Zen CPU architecture.

In case you missed it, earlier rumors suggest that AMD's first Polaris-based Radeon RX 480 graphics card could offer VR gaming at a rather impressive US $199 price tag and actually targets Nvidia's Maxwell-based GTX 970 and GTX 980 graphics cards. If this proves to be true, AMD could have an impressive mid-range graphics card on its hands that could significantly change the price of VR gaming.

The live stream is embedded below and we do not know about you but we are certainly eager to see what AMD had prepared.

Update: In case you missed the live stream earlier today, AMD has now uploaded the video of the Computex 2016 event which you can check out below.


Last modified on 01 June 2016
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