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Windows anniversary update farks Fudzilla

by on04 August 2016

Facelift creates bundle of issues

I am a big supporter of Windows 10 and the operating system works quite well. I didn’t complain that it took me more than 10 tries to update to Windows 10 as it didn’t like some of the gazillion USB drivers I had on my machine. 

I finally did a clean install, deleted everything and started a few months back and all went well until the yesterday’s Feature Update Window 10 version 1607. Of course it didn’t go smoothly and I ended up having a problem with the MBR partition size.

After looking up the problem it turns out that the MBR partition (default 100MB) has to be bigger. AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition 6.0 helped me increase the partition size to 200+ and the update went well.

Of course Windows decided that it is ok to reboot and install my machine after waking it up from sleep, closing up all me to-do list emails and most importantly killing my indexed list of emails. Now I have to wait for hours to index my emails to be able to function properly. Thank you Satay, I should probably send you a check for rendering my machine inoperable for hours, as that is how much it took to change the MBR partition size and do the update.


The update on my notebook ended up with 0x80070057, again the same issue. Somehow it wasn’t an issue to update the official version of Windows 10 over Windows 7 but it is with this anniversary update. We tried it out on another machine where all went smooth and fast.

People had its partitions disappear which is disastrous, Mr. Farrell had its DNS settings evaporating in thin air and Windows Central came up with a list of possible fixes for issues. The list is freakishly long.

The Vole is almost begging end users to hate it. Its Office 365 would randomly freeze on my 3-year-old notebook in the middle of the presentation or an interview, and Windows 10 anniversary update is just the latest prove how things are getting mismanaged at this big software giant. 


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