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Nvidia keynote announcement wraps things up

by on10 May 2017

Coming to enhance your computing experience in 2017

Project Holodeck

Nvidia made quite a few announcements today at GTC 2017 during the keynote by its CEO Jensen Huang.  First on the list of announcements is Project Holodeck which brings interactive photorealistic models, interactive physics, and collaboration together.

nvidia projectholodeck

Tesla V100

NVIDIA debuted the Tesla Volta 100 featuring the new Tensor core.  The new processor is 1.5x GP FLOPS for HPC, 12x Tensor FLOPS for deep learning training and 6x for deep learning interfacing over the previous Pascal generation.

21 billion transistors
5120 CUDA cores
7.5 Floating Point 64 TFLOPS
15 Floating Point 32 TFLOPS
120 Tensor TFLOPS
20MB SM RF / 16MB Cache
16GB HDM2 @ 900GB/s
300GB/s NVLink

nvidia teslav100

DGX-1 with Tesla V100

960 Tensor Teraflops (400 Servers in one box)
8x Tesla V100 16GB
NVLink fully connected

nvidia DGX1v100

DGX Station (Personal DGX)

480 Tensor Teraflops
4x Tesla V100 / NVLink Hybrid Cube
3x DisplayPort
1500W & watercooled

nvidia dgxstation


Compiler for Deep Learning Inferencing
Graph optimizations for vertical and horizontal layer fusion
GPU-specific optimizations

Tesla V100 for Hyperscane Inference

15-25 Inference Speedup vs Intel Skylake
150W Full-Height Half-Length PCI-E


Private beta invite-only (July 2017)
Containerized in NVDocker
Optimization in full stack
Always up to date
Fully tested and maintained by NVIDIA

Xavier DLA

Now Open Source
Early Access - July
General Access - September

Isaac Robot Simulator

The next stage of AI is coming soon....



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