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Radeon Pro SSG becomes a reality

by on26 October 2017

$7000 on Newegg 

A true beast is being unleashed to developers, insiders and those who have massive datasets. As Fudzilla reported the card was pushed to Q4 2017 and AMD confirmed that the card will be shipping in less than a week. 

Although almost two months late to the party, AMD is geared up to ship their innovative and uniquely designed Radeon Pro SSG. The Radeon Pro SSG card features the same performance and features of the Radeon Pro WX 9100, including 16GB of HBM2 memory. What differentiates this card from other professional graphics cards on the marketi is that it is equipped with 2TB of SSD storage on board for computing of massive datasets, and rendering of large projects.


The Radeon Pro SSG is the first graphics card to offer 2TB of graphics memory, enabling smooth, native 8K video editing in real-time. To reach the staggering 2TB of SSD, as well as maximizing performance, AMD has employed a four-way (4 x 512GB) RAID 0 solution enabling 16 PCI-E lanes to the GPU. On top of these performance enhancing features, the card makes use of a private bridge between the GPU and SSD storage array.

Although some have viewed this card as a publicity stunt, AMD is getting some major industry players to invest in their strategy. Just last week at Adobe MAX in Las Vegas, Adobe previewed an updated version of Adobe Premiere Pro with a fully integrated Radeon Pro SSG API solution. This solution enables creative professionals to exceed many current editing and playback boundaries that were being encountered. The main feature of the latest releases from Adobe is the inclusion of "silent caching" which allows the software to take full advantage of the large onboard SSD storage.

Another update that we received comes out of one of AMD's partners, Dell. It was announced in August at Siggraph that Dell would be shipping this card as an option as parf of their next generation of workstations, but today we have been told that that customers will soon be able to order upgrade kits to enable Radeon Pro SSG in their workflows. We have also been told that Dell professional workstation customers will also be able to choose the Radeon Pro SSG as a pre-configured option in January.

We have talked to many people in the professional graphics market, and there is a lot of excitement that this card is finally coming to the market. In the United States, online retailer Newegg has the card listed at $6999, and is set to ship next week on October 31st.

Last modified on 26 October 2017
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