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Wall Street has another go at AMD

by on29 November 2017

Money talks

A financial analyst talking to Wall Street investors said today that you would be sending your money down the toilet if you were foolish enough to invest in Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).

Michael Wiggins De Oliveira, from Seeking Alpha, described AMD's stock price as "dangerously overpriced". 

He claimed, in a note to investors, that "the company's running costs were masked by its IP revenue".

He said: "AMD continues to be super overvalued and very dangerous to invest in."

According to him, it's all down to cash flow. He reckons the rise in its share price is down to AMD "spin".  As far as spin goes, however - and he doesn't say this, it's just my observation - Intel has far more money to put into spin and is seriously worried about AMD's inroads into its business.

He believes that "AMD's valuation is unjustifiably silly".

He does say that AMD managed a "phenomenal feat" by acquiring Microsoft and Tencent as customers.

He claims that other big players including Amazon, Google and Facebook have taken the Nvidia route.

Datacentres are a moving target, like politics. We'll watch if the financial advisors have a handle on this. Certainly, AMD is no longer the underdog it's been for a long, long time.


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