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Japanese sewage yields more gold per tonne than gold mine

by on02 February 2009


Tech companies pouring gold down the drain


Japanese officials claim to have found a shedload of gold in one of the most unlikely places, sewage.

A sewage processing plant says it recently found 1,890 grams of gold per tonne after in incinerated the stinky sludge. For comparison, Japan's top gold mine produces ore containing a mere 20 to 40 grams of the recession proof metal.

An official says the high gold content in the sewage found at the Suwa sewage treatment facility can be attributed to a large number of precision equipment makers in the area. Basically, next time you buy a device with gold plated connectors with a "made in Japan" sticker, consider that at least some of the gold used ended up in the sewers, and was fished out by the guys at Suwa.

The local prefecture expects to make around 39,000 quid on the recycled gold, and expects to earn three times as much over the fiscal year. With gold expected to top $1,000 this year, the sewage treatment business might be a lucrative one, provided you've got a few tech companies upstream of course.

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