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Apple dumps Windows in stores

by on13 April 2009


New checkout system uses iPod Touch

Apple is revamping its point of sale system in its retail stores to get rid of the Symbol designed EasyPay system that runs on Windows Mobile. According to reports, the company will move to a new iPod Touch-based POS software later this year once the release of the iPhone 3.0 firmware is completed.

The company needs the version 3.0 software that is in development because of the need to be able to plug into a credit card reader. The lack of support for peripheral devices has been one of the main holdups to making this transition possible.

The new application is believed to be an app similar to those that the company already uses in their retail stores to triage visitors to the store and schedule appointments as well as running the Red Zone Report that tracks store sales performance.

It is believed that the CCTerminal credit card processing application that is already available for iPhone in the App Store might, in fact, be the likely backbone for such an application. According to some rumors the need to get this in place and running on their technology is a good way to show how Apple can meet the needs of small business owners.

Apple also wants to be prepared for the influx of in-store sales for the next iPhone when it is launched. It has been suggested that last time the company experienced problems with the Windows Mobile based EasyPay system and they want to move to a faster and more reliable platform to handle all of the expected customers.
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