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Pumpless liquid cooler bubbles press

by on20 March 2007


CEBIT 2007: Made by Noiselimit 


Promising silent cooling solution arrives from a Danish company called Noiselimit. It works on Intel and AMD CPUs. We heard about this pumpless solution from Henrik Olsen Chief Technology officer who found us some three blocks far from Noiselimit boot. Guys from company are very optimistic about product and AMD is already using it in Live reference systems.


The technology is named SilentFlux and in principal it is very similar to coffee percolator. The liquid is heated to the boiling point by the processor and in the boiling chamber bubbles are formed. Bubble pump effect is formed thanks to bubbles that are forcing non-evaporated liquid round the system transported to the condenser where it is cooled by a fan and drains back down.



Whole heat sink material is made of Aluminum, it is sealed and it has weight of only 220g without fan.  Maximal noise level with a fan should be less than 30 db. It is very easy to mount and because it is not heavy it is possible to mount it without back mounting panel. It is compatible with LGA 775 / Socket 745 / 939 / 940 and 1207 + Socket AM2/F. 


We learned that solution works even better when it comes to more heating but we can give you some more detailed informations after test as we are waiting for one bubless  pumpless liquid cooler. Akasa will sell the unit in the retail market for a 50-60$ price, but we hope that the price will drop to a more acceptable level.

We saw something similar to this from Asetek called Vapochip micro but these guys claims that their cooler is more efficient. 




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