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Philips amBX makes some light

by on23 March 2007


CEBIT 2007: Light, wind and vibrations for your PC games


Philips amBX system is made to help gamers immerse in computer games using lighting effects. Special chambers installed on each speaker contain lighting units capable of reproducing 16.7 million colours. Colour that prevails on your screen will be emitted from the speakers, and if the game supports amBX, it can add special lighting effects. All you need is a spare USB port.


The amBX peripherals are offered in four packages. The first package, named Starter kit, is a 2.1 sound system. An 80 Watt subwoofer with two 40 Watt amBX satellites will cost 199 euros.




Pro gamer kit ads more light effects, but with the same 2.1 sound system. It will cost about 399 euros. The strongest system, named Premium kit is a 5.1 sound system with vibration and air effects. These vibration effects are similar to Force Feedback, but as we have learned they are not compatible so the game has to have amBX support.


Two little external 5000 rpm fans blow air to your face, simulating air effects. Well, we didn't like it because our eyes dried out ASAP. Premium kit will cost 399 euros.


The fourth kit is an extension kit with the vibration pad for your keyboard, and two fans for air effects. It will cost 129 euros.


We have to admit that the lightning effects look awesome, but the other two effects (vibration and fan) are not so good. The vibration effects are inferior to force feedback, and from the air ones we got red eyes. You will finally be able to really enjoy playing Gone with the wind 2. 



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