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Chinese-based manufacturers rush to tablets

by on07 May 2010

Can't stop taking them

PC players Lenovo, Hanwang and Malata, have all expressed their interest in entering the tablet PC market.

Digitimes is reporting that Lenovo is currently working on R&D in cooperation with Taiwan-based notebook makers Quanta Computer and Wistron. It wants to have a machine out by the end of the year. Lenovo already has IdeaPad U1 Hybrid that features designs characteristics of both a notebook and tablet PC. However it wants a pure tablet PC, probably to match the iPad's cut down functionality.

Hanwang is working with Taiwan-based FIC for its tablet PCs. Hanwang wants two product lines. One will have Windows 7 with a Intel ultra low-voltage or Atom Z530 processor. The other featuring Android with a processor from Freescale. Malata, have also started developing tablet PCs.

Digitimes points that that it is a doddle to make the sorts of tablets that everyone is calling “innovative” and “game changing” so you can expect more China players to cut into the market with cheap as chips products.
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