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Via to release $100 tablet

by on25 May 2010


Who needs to spend $500

VIA expects
$100 tablet devices containing its chips to reach the U.S. in the second half of 2010, offering a more reasonable alternative to Apple's over priced iPad.

VIA is planning to release five different models, ranging in price from $100 to $150. The gear will run Google Android operating system. Apple’s iPhone already competes with Android in the market for smartphones, with the Google software running devices from HTC and Motorola.

Apple is so worried that Android will take it to the cleaners it is suing HTC claiming bits of its software is under the bonnet of Android. HTC is counter suing. VIA Director of Marketing Richard Brown said that the tablet market has been legitimated by Apple, but Android is bringing a lot of diversity to the market. There are different sizes and different looks and feels.
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