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MSI's GX60 notebook pairs up Trinity with HD 7970M

by on07 June 2012


Radeon HD 7970M next to A10-4600M APU

MSI has showcased a rather unique notebook at its Computex booth that marries AMD's top SKU A10-4600M Trinity mobile part together with a Radeon HD 7970M graphics card.

VR-Zone managed to grab a couple of shots and even confirm via device manager that the MSI GX60 is indeed equipped with A10-4600M APU and Radeon HD 7970M graphics card. In case you missed it, the A10-4600M is top SKU in current AMD mobile Trinity lineup and you are looking at a 35W TDP quad-core with two Piledriver modules and four integer cores that work at 2.3GHZ with 3.2GHz Turbo, feature 4MB of L2 cache and comes with Radeon HD 7660G graphics part with 384 stream processors and 497/686MHz base/max GPU clock.

The surprise in this story is the Radeon HD 7970M dedicated graphics card that can not work together with the APU GPU part in CrossfireX but we guess that we are looking at some sort of graphics switching technology. The HD 7970M kicks in with GPU intensive tasks and leaves the rest to the HD 7660G inside the APU.

The rest of the GX60 specs include two 64GB SSDs in RAID-0 mode paired up with 500GB HDD for storage, Qualcomm Atheros Killer NIC ethernet chip and a whole lot other goodies. Unfortunately, the price or the actual availabilty date haven't been announced but it is nice to know that at least some notebooks will pack a decent graphics card with AMD's mobile Trinity lineup.

You can check out more pictures over at

msi GX60 1

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