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Asus working hard on Android 4.2 updates

by on22 November 2012

Still no dates or specific devices

Asus has a relatively good record when it comes to Android updates and according to Dutch Android blog Planet Android, the outfit is working hard to bring the 4.2 update to its tablets.

There are still no specifics and it is not clear whether all Transformer tablets will be updated to 4.2. Some Asus tablets have yet to get the 4.1 update. Let’s not forget that Asus is behind the Nexus 7, so it sort of needs to provide timely updates for the rest of its tablet lineup, otherwise it will just look bad.

Yesterday we learned that HTC will start updating its devices to 4.2 sometime next year, so don’t expect Asus to be any faster. Mind you, 4.2 will be a pretty interesting update for tablets, thanks to its multi-user support.

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