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Nvidia expects to gain share on Haswell

by on10 May 2013

CEO on record

As a part of Nvidia’s earnings conference call for fiscal 2014, execs covered many subjects and one of the analysts asked Nvidia about Haswell’s potential impact on the notebook business. 

Intel's new graphics core offers a decent upgrade compared to the previous generation and many people do think that this performance might jeopardize Nvidia's and AMD's market share in the notebook and desktop market. Nvidia interim Chief Financial Officer Karen Burns mentioned concerns that Haswell might have an impact on the notebook business as of the July quarter.

The general answer offered by Nvidia's CEO Jensen Huang was that Nvidia expects to do well on Haswell products and that it also expects to expand its market share. Nvidia has good desktop and notebook offering that will help company expand further. Jensen also mentioned that "as people gear up for Haswell they tend to be leaner on inventory." This is nothing out of the ordinary one might say.

We might add that Rene Haas, General Manager of Notebook Unit, Nvidia, earlier mentioned that once Intel gets better with its IGP, Nvidia simply launches yet better products in this market and makes its notebook and desktop parts even faster. We have seen this many times before, and we see no reason to expect it to be different this time around.

Haswell Iris graphics look promising, but even half serious gamers won't consider Intel integrated only for a gaming platform, and as one of the main reason we might mention a lack of a quick driver fixes and improvements, something that we haven’t seen from Intel.  

There is no doubt that Haswell will have the best IGP ever to ever come from the house of Intel, but the same goes for Richland / Kabini graphics from AMD or Geforce 700 series from Nvidia.

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