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Tegra Note 7 gets LTE

by on25 February 2014

NV Shows Tegra 4i, but not Denver

Nvidia has announced the first Tegra 4i phone from Wiko and it also hinted that the Tegra 4i is in LG’s G2 mini phone. The last thing that it showed off at MWC was the Tegra Note 7 with LTE.

The back cover of the device changed and it got slightly heavier, but overall apart of the changed back cover, it’s hard to tell the LTE version apart from the plain Tegra Note 7. The back cover was probably redesigned in order to fit the LTE antenna that were happily working and streaming live TV at the crowded Barcelona based MWC 2014 show.

For people who didn’t see it, Tegra K1 was running in two demos, one with dual stream 4K resolution from a passively cooled chip and the second was a tablet that very much looks like Tegra Note 7. It ran an impressive face demo.

Nvidia is saving more of its secrets for its GPU developers conference that is taking a place in San Jose on the 24th of March and we expect to see more demos including Denver 64-bit Tegra and who knows what more.

Maxwell higher end 20nm parts could be there, too.


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