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Skylake Notebook coming in Q4 2015

by on13 February 2015

Roadmap shows a year after Broadwell

Fudzilla has uncovered a new roadmap which shows Intel's plans beyond Broadwell in the notebook market space.

Despite being 14nm and the fact that Broadwell-U which is under the bonnet of most of the notebooks only just started shipping, Intel is planning another big announcement before the end of the year.

It is back to the tick-tock strategy, with Skylake as the tock. It is the new architecture based on the 14nm manufacturing process. Haswell and Broadwell are tick which means that they are the die shrink. Skylake is the new architecture based on 14nm manufacturing process and of course Intel introduces all kinds of optimisations to the core.

The company is commited to bring the Skylake in 2016 but we now have a more precise time-frame . Intel plans to launch a few Skylake-U 15W TDP Core i7 and Core i5 with more to come in Q1 2016. Most of Skylake-U 28W processors will arrive in Q1 2016.

Intel plans to refresh the Core M line of processors with four new Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) with Y-Processor like grade Skylake. The 14nm Skylake processor processor should have some significant power optimisations enabling significantly longer battery life and enabling the wireless charging possible.

Intel promises that the Skylake mobile platform can help you get rid of the charging cables as it includes wireless charging, at least for some units. .

Skylake-H will bring the four core SKU on the market starting with Q4 2015 and continuing with more units in Q1 2016 and onwards. This was the plan all along and we have reported back in the summer of 2014 that Skylake is scheduled for the later part of 2015. 

It is unclear when the Cannonlake 10nm successor comes to market. We can expect it at the earliest at later part of 2016 but Intel didn’t share many information about this chip. 

Last modified on 13 February 2015
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