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Microsoft to release Surface next month

by on24 May 2017

Expect moans from the Tame Apple Press 

Microsoft is set to release its anticipated Surface Studio device in the UK next month and we are expecting to see lots of complaints from the Tame Apple Press.


For those who came in late, Apple spent a lot of time rubbishing the Surface and then ended up copying it when punters thought the Microsoft product was better.

The Surface Studio is an all-in-one-desktop device and the last product to be added to the wider Surface portfolio.

The Studio transforms into what Microsoft claims is a "a powerful digital canvas" whatever that means. It is a direct competitor to Apple's all-in-one iMac, which these days is not that difficult. Apple has traditionally held the art market, so this product is targeted at its space.

However the spinning from Microsoft is pure comedy in terms of purple prose. Terry Myerson, executive vice-president of the windows and devices group was quoted as saying: "From the beginning, our Surface journey has been about empowering people to work and create in new ways. It led us to create the first tablet that could truly replace your laptop with Surface Pro and to redefine the ultimate laptop with Surface Book. We believe there is a special alchemy when a device and software pair perfectly to create something new - a profound experience that can create an entirely new category. "We want to help you make your mark on the world and for Windows to be the place you love to create and play."

The Surface Studio will launch in the UK on 12 June, as well as in 11 other regions globally. 

Microsoft said the device is available to pre-order now and is listed on the Microsoft UK store with a starting price of £2,999, with higher specification models priced at £3,549 and £4,249.


Last modified on 24 May 2017
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