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Amazon flogging data mining software

by on28 November 2018

Will snuffle up patent medical records

Amazon is starting to sell software to mine patient medical records for information that doctors and hospitals could use to improve treatment and cut costs.

It is the latest move by a big technology company into the health care industry. The software can read digitised patient records and other clinical notes, analyse them and pluck out key data points, Amazon says.

The company is expected to announce the launch later today.

Amazon Web Services, the company's cloud computing division, has been selling such text analysis software to companies outside medicine for use in areas such as travel booking, customer support and supply-chain management.

The technology's health care application is the newest effort by Amazon to tap into the lucrative market.

Amazon officials say the company's software developers trained the system using a process known as deep learning to recognise all the ways a doctor might record notes.

Matt Wood, general manager of artificial intelligence at Amazon Web Services said: "We're can completely, automatically look inside medical language and identify patient details," including diagnoses, treatments, dosage and strengths, "with incredibly high accuracy".

Taha Kass-Hout, a senior leader with Amazon's health-care and artificial intelligence efforts, said that during testing, the software performed on par or better than other published efforts, and can extract data on patients' diseases, prescriptions, lab orders and procedures.

Dubbed Amazon Comprehend Medical the AI "allows developers to process unstructured medical text and identify information such as patient diagnosis, treatments, dosages, symptoms and signs, and more".

Kass-Hout says Amazon Web Services won't see the data processed by its algorithms, "which will be encrypted and unlocked by customers who have the key".


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