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Japanese phone prevents you taking "inappropriate" photos

by on02 March 2020

Pics by Richard banned.

A phone which can identify if you are about to take a picture without any clothes on and prevent it has gone on sale in Japan.

The phone is designed for those parents who come to terms with their lack of parenting ability and emotional empathy by wrapping their child in bubble wrap and protect them from making decisions until they are 50.

The TONE e20 has an AI-powered "Smartphone Protection" feature that prevents users from shooting or saving "inappropriate" photos

The official Tone Mobile press release hails the TONE e20 as the world's first phone with an AI that "regulates inappropriate images" through an AI built into the so-called TONE Camera.

If the AI recognizes that the subject of a photo is "inappropriate", the camera will lock up; and if you somehow manage to snap a photo before the AI kicks in, the phone won't let you save or share it.

Additionally, a feature called "TONE Family" can be set to send an alert to parents whenever an inappropriate image is detected.  We assume that means that if someone sends a picture to your child the camera will analyse it to make sure it meets whatever arbitrary standards kids are being forced to adhere to.

According to SoraNews24, this alert will contain location data and a pixellated thumbnail of the photo in question and thus violate some other parent’s child’s privacy too.

Last modified on 02 March 2020
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