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Russians give dancing robot dog a gun

by on22 July 2022

It is the Amercian way

A Twitter video has been released showing a Boston Dynamics-style robot dog firing a submachine gun into targets.

The robot looks a lot like the Boston Dynamics Spot which was famous for dancing only it's got a gun and apparently it's ready to kill Tsar Putin's enemies.

Fortunately the robot dog doesn't seem to be able to handle the recoil of the gun well and the dog has to take a minute to get its balance back. We also don't know if the dog is firing on its own or if someone is off-camera pulling the trigger remotely.

The robot's feet, various ports, and its front are completely different from Boston Dynamics' Spot but there have been shedloads of knock offs of Spot and this could be one which has been adapted for terrorism. Analysts think the one in the video appears to be a UnitreeYusu "technology dog" selling on AliExpress for about $3,000. That price is minus the gun of course.  The feet, port placement, and joint coverings are all the same. The robot also has strips of Velcro on either of its flanks.

So what makes us think that this is a Russian dog? The left flank bear s a Russian flag and the other appears with a wolf's head. In another video on the channel, a man wears a similar patch on his arm. It appears to be a wolf's head insignia commonly associated with Russian Special Operations Forces or Spetsnaz. 

The gun is Russian. It appears to be a PP-19 Vityaz, a submachine gun based on the AK-74 design. As the dog wanders around and fires, it sometimes moves in front of an armored personnel carrier with a unique triangular door. The video also shows a BDRM-2, a Russian armored car that's been spotted recently in Ukraine.

Before making its way to Twitter, the video of the dog was posted to the YouTube account of Alexander Atamov on March 22, 2022. Atamov is listed on his LinkedIn profile as the founder of "HOVERSURF" and his Facebook page lists him as living in Moscow. He posted a picture of the robot dog on March 21. According to Facebook's translation of his post, he called the dog "Skynet."


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