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Most advanced robot is about to get legs

by on08 November 2022

She knows how to use them

The world's most realistic robot is about to get legs.

Ameca has been billed as the world's most advanced humanoid robot, but soon the British-made robot could be walking.

British Engineered Arts, have designed her 'prototype legs' which should be ready within the next year. She mentioned it herself during a YouTube Q&A.

"The design of my legs is inspired by the robot Byrun, developed by Engineered Arts Ltd. It has unique mechanical properties that allow it to walk without using too much energy," she said.

"The prototype legs are made of aluminium and plastic. 'I think it will take about a year for my walking legs to be ready. 'The design of them is extraordinary,' she said.


Last modified on 08 November 2022
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